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Estate and Gift Taxes

For many of our Executors, their newly found appointment as a fiduciary is the first time they have ever worked with a CPA. While dealing with the emotional loss of a loved one, they now have many legal and tax obligations. From the moment the client walks through our door, we strive to instill confidence and assurance that we will be their partner through the administration of the estate. We provide services wherever needed during the course of the estate administration. We believe the beneficiaries of the estate will get the best outcome if all the professionals involved work together. Our firm has many long standing relationships with attorneys, financial, real estate and other professionals in our area.

An effective estate planning tool is the use of lifetime gifts. Some gifts are rather straightforward while others require special valuations. Our firm can help with planning for gifts and preparation of the required tax returns.

Trust Taxation

Trusts are created for a variety of reasons such as tax planning, control or asset protection. Trusts can come into existence during an individual’s life or as a consequence of death. Our firm prepares tax returns and accountings for various trusts.

Income Tax Preparation

We do not believe that “she who prepares the most tax returns wins”. We win when we feel good about the tax return that leaves and the client is happy with the service provided. We invest time and resources into keeping current on new tax laws and legislation. We sit with our clients to discuss life changes and identify weaknesses in planning or investments. This extra effort enables us to identify tax issues that the client may not even realize they have. Our firm offers tax services anytime of the year in the following areas:

  • Tax planning & tax return preparation for
    - Individuals
    - Estates
    - Trusts (including Charitable Remainder and Special Needs Trusts)

Accountings for Estates, Trusts and Guardianships

Any time an executor, trustee or guardian is in charge of someone’s money, it is proper that they provide an account to the beneficiaries, their representatives or a court. Based on client needs, we prepare annual or periodic accountings that report all the transactions made by the fiduciary.

Bookkeeping Services

Our business clients come in all shapes and sizes. We are able to customize our services to fit the client.

Bookkeeping Services for Seniors

Ordinary activities include sorting through mail, paying bills, reconciling bank accounts and filing away papers. More advanced activities include tracking income, timely payments of tax and budgeting. We have been successful in taking the weight of the world off of these clients' shoulders (and their families). Our firm can work with the client and/or their representative to streamline finances and pursue estate, income tax and financial planning issues.

Tax Resolution

As the saying goes “The two sure things in life are death and taxes.” Sometimes individuals find themselves in a situation where they have not filed tax returns in many years. The weight grows heavier and more overwhelming with every passing year. We take special care of these clients who need that extra time and encouragement to get themselves back into compliance. We will work with the client’s attorney or help the client come to their own offer and compromise with the tax authority.


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